A Lot Of Mousetraps And Ping Pong Balls Are Together The Best Effect You Will See Today

A lot of people thought that science is just boring, until they did a scientific experiment together. These experiments are the result of true reactions from different elements, and YES, that looks pretty cool.  Take an example from the experiment below, the team of Pepsi created 2014 mouse traps and 2015 ping pong balls to take the year 2015 to a next level.

There are a lot of video's like this and Pepsi wanted to do it even better.


The chain reaction they created is the same as rolling dices, the only different part is the ping pong balls and mousetraps.  But the real question is: does it work?

Check the video, and the only thing we can say is: WOW

Maybe a little pointless, but very epic. I think you shouldn't try this at home.


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