11 Most Beautiful Memories Of High School

Do you remember the first day you had to go to school? How exciting was that? We've collected the 11 most beautiful memories of high school, enjoy!

1. You Very First Day With A Schoolbag Which Was Way Too Big

first day highschool

2. Studying For A Test And Highlight Only The Most Important Stuff

studying for a test

3. Nervous For Your First French Kiss

first french kiss

4.  When The Holiday Almost Start


5. You Classmates Taught You The Coolest Tricks

super cool tricks

6. The Chemistry Tests Always Failed

chemistry tests

7. After School Sports You Always Smelled Deodorant Everywhere

after sports

8. And The Girls Had Their Own Kind Of Shower In A Bottle

girls deodorant

9. The Coolest Guys Were Smoking Around The Block

smoking around the block

10. The Greatest Feeling When You Sat Next To Your Best Friend In Class

next to eachother

11. Or Your Teacher Wouldn't Allow You To Sit Next To Each Other

not next each other


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