11 Epic Pictures Taken At The Most Perfect Time

Isn’t it remarkable that some pictures are just too good to be true? Some photographers always manage to be present at the scene at the perfect moment and time, shooting amazingly unplanned pictures.

We have gathered the 11 most hilarious pictures taken at the perfect times for you to enjoy.

#1 The Headless Ballerina, Amazing Shot

laminutenantaise laminutenantaise

#2 This Is Just Wrong On So Many Ways

chilloutpoint chilloutpoint

#3 The Myths About Babies Are True

airows airows

#4 I Wonder How Much Mexican He ate

flipvibe flipvibe

#5 The winner of Movember Goes, o it is cat!

dil dil

#6 Payback Time Hombre, Where Is Your Red Cloth Now!

chilloutpoint chilloutpoint

#7 The Uncut Version Of The Titanic

wp wp

#8 This Gets Weirder By The Second

pirojok pirojok

#9 The Jesus Amongst The Dogs, Never Knew They Could Walk On Water

bp bp

#10 I Don’t Even Want To Know What Happened

tumblr tumblr

#11 Is This Coincidence Or What?

xaxor xaxor

I really enjoy laughing about these types of images; it’s so hard to believe that the situations are not set up but simply perfectly times. Which picture made you laugh the most, #9 still makes me smile!


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