These 11 Foods Will Only Make You Hungrier, You Won't Believe #7

When you're hungry you grab for a snack, but what if you only get hungrier after your snack? It happens more often than you think... Hunger is a complex process caused by various interactions between the stomach, brains, intestines, pancreas and blood flow says specialist Sue Decotiis on "The problem is that this circuit can easily be disturbed" We show you 11 food products that makes you hungry despite getting a full stomach.

1.White bread

white bread

A recent Spanish study showed that 40 procent of 9,000 people which consume white bread more than twice a day are more likely to gain overweight or obese over a period of five years. You'd better choose wholemeal bread because because it contains more complex carbohydrates. Those are harder to break so energy can be more evenly released and that will reduce your hunger.

2. Fruit Juice

fruit juice

Fruit juice from your favorite fruit contains all sorts of sugars but no fibers from the peel or pulp are in your drink. The blood sugar increases by one glass just as quickly as it lowers it. The result is that you get hungry. You can better make a smoothie where you use whole pieces of fruit and perhaps even add some protein powder to the smoothie.

3. Salty Snacks

Salty snacks

You recognize the feeling after you've eaten a bag of crisps: Now i feel like having something sweet. Salty snacks are no more than carbohydrates that quickly digest. The brains associates quick energy with sweet stuff so you feel like having sugary snacks. While your 'salty belly' is full there is still room for your "sweet belly".



Almost every ingredient in fast food stirs your appetite. Saturated fats cause a form of inflammation in the intestines so that the body stops producing analgesic neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin which reduce hunger. Due to the large amount of salt in fast food you can become dehydrated and that symptoms resemble hunger and that's why many people continue to eat. So if you are eating fastfood try to drink a lot of water.



Alcohol doesn't only makes you hungry but it also ensures that you eat unhealthy food. Leptin, the hormone that fights hunger drops after three alcoholic beverages by 30 percent. Besides that alcohol takes content of glycogen which makes you feel hungry. People regularly grab for a salty snack. The salty snack makes them more thirsty so they drink more alcohol.

6.White Pasta


It is easy to eat too much white pasta. It creates an increase in the insulin level which decreases your blood sugar and you end up getting hungry. The sauce that you make for the pasta probably contains more sugar so you will only get hungrier.

7. MSG


MSG a.k.a Monosodium Glutamate is a flavor enhancer which is added to food products. A Spanish study in animals has shown that the flavor enhancer leads to a 40 percent increase in appetite.

A Research by the journal Obesity shows that people who consume MSG are three times more likely to get obese than people who do not eat MSG. The effect of leptin may have been masked by the adverse effects of monosodium glutamate on the hypothalamus so Decotiis said. The effect will be stronger over time, the more you eat MSG, the more you will eat.



You may think that you are a healthy person when you eat the small portions of fish called Sushi. But actually sushi is more rice than anything else says the American nutritionist Susan M. Kleiner. A small roll of sushi is equal to three slices of white bread.

9.Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

By consuming artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine food you actually joke with your brains. The brain is prepared for a dose of energy but does not get it. To compensate that you will feel like you want sweet food.

10. Children's Cereals

Children's Cereals

Breakfast cereals usually contain a solid amount of white flour and sugar. This combination on an empty stomach causes a rise of your insulin and blood sugar levels. In the morning your cortisol level is the highest which means a major attack on the metabolism. Cortisol is created in the morning and evening to prepare your body for activity.  A high content ensures that sugars are less well absorbed and processed. This makes you tired and hungry.

11. Pizza

pizza makes more hungry

The white flour, hydrogenated oils, processed cheese and preservatives in your favorite pizza can affect your blood sugar, production of satiety hormones and hunger areas' in your brains says Decotiis. The result is that you probably already hungry after an hour. If you make a pizza from whole grains, lots of vegetables and a little cheese you have a healthy meal which contains fiber and protein.


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