11 Most Fascinating Albino Animals, Number 4 Is So Spectacular

Have you ever noticed that that some people amongst mankind are a little bit different, also known as albinos? They are considered having a whiter skin color and sometimes even red colored eyes. Albinism (with its root in the Latin word albus, or white) is a form of hypo pigmentary congenital disorder, characterized by a partial lack or total absence of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair However humans are not the only species who are able to be born with Albinism, also animals have the rare chance to be born as an albino!

At first the images look fake, but you if you look closely you will see the true power of mother nature.

1 - The White Albino Tiger

500PX 500PX

2 - The Scary Albino Alligator, At least you will be able to see him!

Flickr Flickr

3 - The White Albino Moose

Imgur Imgur

4 - The Magnificent Albino Humpback Whale 

Imgur Imgur

5 - The Jumpy Albino Kangaroo

Flickr Flickr

6 - Bambie And Her Albino Mother

Flickr Flickr

7 - The Albino Hedgehog, he is so tiny and cute though 

Flickr Flickr

8 - The White Albino Tiger

Flickr Flickr

9 - The Swift Albino Squirrel, with the eyes of a vampire he is more eligible to steal your stuff! 

Flickr Flickr

10 - The Odd Albino Zebra, He was able to maintain some color!

Wikimedia Wikimedia

11 - Snowflake The Albino Gorilla!

Pbs Pbs

I  usually find these animals extremely fascinating and after seeing these Albino Miracles I'm even more in love with them, truly beautiful! Do not forget to share the miracles of mother nature with your friends, they will be blown away by the true facts of genetics!


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