12 Weeks Old Puppy Is A Master At Tricks, You Will Be Amazed

We all know how clumsy and cute puppies can be, especially when they are trying to behave dog-like and fail miserably! ThIt is a big first achievement when a puppy is able to set it first steps on 4 paws, We all enjoy watching the cute videos of these puppies trying to walk for the first time.

However; there are some puppies who seem to understand everything at a way earlier stage of their life.

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Meet Brody, the 12 weeks old puppy who will blow your mind away with cute and adorable tricks! Ask him anything and hell do it, of course he expects a small treat in exchange!

The owner of Brody is very inspired by the rapid instincts Brody has developed, as she is aiming to train and educate him into a Therapy Dog. Do you think Brody has the potential to life up to the standards and responsibilities, I do think he is the perfect candidate after seeing this video!


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