19 Amazing Lifehacks That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into A Paradise

Frustrations in the kitchen will dissapear forever, we promise!

1. Not Enough Space? Try This

space hack

2. Want Too Cool A Bottle? Wrap The Bottle With Some Wet Paper. Your Bottle Will Be Cold 2x Faster

fast cold bottle hack

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3. Want To Warm Something Up In The Microwave? Empty The Middle Of The Plate


4. Use Your Empty Pringles Can To Stash Your Spaghetti

pringles lifehacks

5. Add A Little Soda When You Boil Your Egg And Peeling Is A Child Game

soda boil egg

6. ;)

wet fingers egg

7. Clean The Strawberry With A Straw


8. 2 Bowls In One Microwave


9.  Check Out How Easy Cutting Cherry Tomatoes Is With Just 2 Lids

cherry tomatoes lids cutting

10. Use Dental Floss To Cut Your Cake

dental floss cutting cakes

11. Are Your Eggs Still Fresh? When It's Fresh It Sinks, When Its Rotten It Floots

eggs rotten

12. Peeling Oranges In Seconds

orange peeling

13. To Keep Your Salad Fresh With A Plastic Wrap And Also Some Paper

salad fresh kitchen hack

14. To Keep The Sunny Side In Good State, Break The Egg In A Bowl First

sunny side egg hack

15. Roll A Lemon First To Get More Juice

lemon juice hack

16. ;)

17. Clean Your Microwave With Some Water And Vinegar And Just Turn In On

microwave cleaning hack

18. For Your Recipes


19. The Biggest Avocado Hack Ever

Avocado life hack


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