5 Things Woman Can’t Do That Man Can, #5 Is So Cynical That It Will Make You Laugh

Far too many incidents happen where guys get rejected by woman and end up being assaulted. In Detroit a man shot a woman after she rejected his advances.

1.) Rejecting a woman without being in danger

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In Massachussets a woman was raped just because she sexually rejected a man on the streets.

2.) Driving a car legally

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It is almost impossible to imagine a country where woman are not allowed to drive a car. However in the muslin country of Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for woman to drive a car. The rebellious woman of Saudi did not agree with this banishment and started to rebel by posting videos and photos of themselves driving a car!

3.) Walking on the street without hearing someone whistling

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Ladies you have all been there, walking around the neighborhood minding your own business, having the fear of being harassed in the back of your mind. Over 65% of all women have said to be harassed on the street, forced to feel uncomfortable for no reason.

This has to stop; fortunately the organization “Stop Telling Woman To Smile” is addressing gender-based street harassment with awesome posters!

4.) Wear what they want, when they want

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Being judged for wearing a skirt that is a tiny bit too short, trousers that a bit too tight, to a burka which is covering the entire body. There are too many restrictions and judgments called upon what woman should or shouldn’t wear!

To be honest, would a man ever be judged on wearing ugly clothes? I don’t think so. Above are some examples of woman protesting against the restriction of clothing.

5.) Being part of a dating website without receiving sexual or insulting messages

Has it ever happened that a guy would subscribe for a dating site, and he would receive sexual images or be sexually mistreated online? They wish!

Here is a perfect example what would never ever happen to a guy.



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