6 Children Were Blindfolded And Asked To Find Their Mother. The Result? Heartwarming!

There is something very special about the bond between mother and child. Naturally, this also applies to fathers, but now Mothers day almost arrives, this video highlights once again the beauty of motherhood. The well-known jewelry brand Pandora carried out an experiment to show how unique mothers are and how strong the bond between mother and child is. These images do really melt your heart. The experiment went like this: Six children between three and nine years old were blindfolded and were instructed to find their mother among six other women.


They do that by listening and feeling, because they can not see anything, of course. The way the children find their mother is so moving. We can already reveal that all children successfully found their mother and the result is stunning. "Fear, love and a few heartfelt tears filled the room when the children from the age three to nine years tried and succeeded to find the only one they can call their mother", said a spokesman of Pandora, according to the British Metro.

The tenderness and love in this experiment is impossible to miss. With this campaign, the company wants to know that "all women are unique in shape, personality and heart. Like the wonderful connection and precious love that we saw this day. "


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