A Cat Climbed In A Transparent Box, The Reason Why Will Make You Laugh!

As a loving cat owner you naturally want the best for your cat and make sure that he is safe at all times when he is exploring nature. Cats are known that they dare to jump from a great height - and (almost) always safely land on their feet - but sometimes the hight is so huge that the cat is afraid to jump. To avoid hazardous jumps from the roof, the owner of this property has devised a way to help his cat with an amazing technique: he built a cat lift!



No, we're not kidding, it really exists. CrazyMrJohn on YouTube posted this video of his unsuspecting cat who walked into the elevator and then transported himself to the front yard. The elevator uses infrared to see when the cat enters the elevator and as soon as the cat is in a comfortable position , the elevator will slowly move to the ground, without the use of human interaction.

Although it is very cool (and also a bit hilarious) look, you need a very patient and lazy cat who can quickly learn to make good use of it. Most cats won't be impressed by this lift (unless there is a delicacy in it, of course.)

The cat is in any case capable to look 360 degrees around to see were he can play around, so chances enough to spot a number of prey, assuming that the prey does not run away and of course, the hard laughing when the cat comes down once. A truly unique invention!


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