A Dangerous Road, Small Dog & Impactful “Hit & Run” Leads To An Unexpected Surprise

Julia Cesar Siqueria set out for a 2 hour road trip to a university with his mom and friends that took an unexpected turn. While navigating a dangerous road he saw a small dog and although he tried to swerve impact was inevitable. Assuming the dog survived he continued on his journey.


When he arrived at the location he was flagged down by people trying get his attention about what was stuck inside his car. Upon inspection of the vehicle he was shocked to see the little dog wedged inside the front bumper.

Somehow by sheer miracle this dog made the long journey and would survive to wag her tail again…….


Not only did the little dog survive the encounter, it escaped with only one broken leg and a few scratches. They named her Victory, and she is undergoing care at a local clinic, which the driver is paying for.


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