A Man Burns Down A Woman's House After He Got Rejected On Facebook

Meet Joanie Yount, the 22 year old single mother who was left without a house a few days prior to Christmas Eve. Her House got burned down by a 37 year old James Graham, after he was rejected by Joanie on Facebook.

James broke into the home and started burning down the house, leaving her with nothing but her son during the cold winter days.

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The Freaky part of the story is that Joanie did not even know James Graham, as they only shared mutual friends on facebook.

Graham has been admiring her profile for many days and decided to contact her personally, his rejection unleashed a lot of anger.

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After, politely asking him to stay away from her, he kept spamming her through Facebook.

A few days later, Graham was able to obtain her personal address and managed to unlock the front door, quickly after, he set the house on fire and fled away from the crime.

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Fortunately, there were no casualties during this horrific crime, however the young family have everything taken away from them.


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