A Man Discovered A Whale And When He Came Closer He Discovered Something Shocking

This amateur diver and his family were on a relaxing sail trip, until they bumped into a whale who didn't gave any sign of life.

In this video you will experience the sensational pursuing. A whale is being saved from death by three men along the coast of California and thanks them by doing awesome tricks.

When the boat bumped into the huge creature her tale and fin were rapped in a fishers net and at first everybody thought she was dead because she didn't gave any sign.


But then suddenly she starts squirting water and Michael Fishbach decides to jump into the water to find out whats wrong. He discovers that she is wrapped in a net and immediately goes on board to try to cut her loose with a small knife.

After about an hour the whale is finally released from the net and thanks them in a very very special way.

They enjoyed a water spectacle which is absolutely spectacular and one of the coolest animal videos we've seen in a while. This really is a must see!


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