A Naked Woman Figured Out A Way To Get Stuck Inside The Chimney Of Her Ex

A 35 year old American woman figured out a way to get stuck inside of the chimney of her Ex. According to NBC, the lady tried to sneak into the house of her Ex, as she tried to enter through the front door at first, but miserably failed. After a brainstorming sessions, she came up with the brilliant idea to climb through the Chimney, too bad she is no Santa Claus!

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At 5 o'clock at night the woman undressed herself in order to smoothly travel through the narrow chimney. Ironically the lady was convinced that she would easily fit through a 30 by 30 cm entrance, quickly after she encountered a tiny problem as she got stuck. As expected, the woman started panicking and calling for help.

The Ex woke up by the loud noise deriving from the chimney area and called for immediate help.

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After 2 hours being stuck in the dirty chimney, the firefighters were able to break open the walls and set her free.

Fortunately, the woman only had minor injuries and was saved from any life threatening scenarios.

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According to the news reporters, the woman never was married with the ex however they shared children.

The ladies first intention was to only visit her children, but she never expected to make such a unique entrance.

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Next time if i were her, i would just ring the doorbell, instead of getting stuck in the chimney. it will save her a lot of time and painful experiences.


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