A Police Officer Shot An Innocent Man, The Reason Why Will Shock You

A recent shocking accident has happened in South Carolina, where a policeman shot an innocent by passer at a gas station.

Officer Sean Groubert was on his usual traffic routine as he pulled over a young man at the gas station, asking him for his drivers license. The young man followed to his commands and reached for his wallet in the car.

Suddenly the policemen deliberately started firing his gun, as the young man was in shock and fell down on the ground.

Sean Groubert Sean Groubert

Not only was the police officer out of place by randomly shooting a civilian, he also managed to put the blame on him for following his orders.

After being shot the young man even apologized to the police officer! Don't you find it odd that the boy felt responsible and was apologizing to someone who just fired a bullet into his knee?

The thought of innocent people being shot on a daily basis scared me, isn't it crazy that we have no control over our own safety. Please share this video with your friends in order to create awareness of the criminal acts that happen on a daily basis!


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