What They Did To Rescue This Abandoned Dog Is Truly Amazing

Hope For Paws got another great rescue on their sleeves. This time they were tipped by someone who saw a German Shephard laying in the canals of Los Angeles. This dog was lonely, hungry and had to sleep in the dirt of the water. The duo of Hope For Paws had to be very careful with this operation. Eldad, one of the two experienced dog-rescuers was actually pretty nervous. He did not know what to expect, but the heroes kept the peace and made sure they did not scare the dog off.


They succeeded to put a leash on the dog's neck and they've got the poor animal calm with some cheeseburgers. Eventually they were able to take the dog to the doctor. Her paws were bleeding because of the extremely hot concrete. But after taking good care, Adrienne the dog is now as beautiful from the outside as she is from the inside.

Watch the video below to see the amazing transformation of this poor dog. It is such good news that Adrienne is now adopted by a loving family. The dog gets spoiled every day and she has a safe home.

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