An Autistic Boy Was Humiliated In A Restaurant Until Something Inspiring Happened

Going to a restaurant as a parent with children can be hard enough and if your boy or girl is autistic it's maybe even harder.

When you're out for dinner nasty reactions can be provoked from other people in the restaurant, people who just don't understand the situation. Children with autism can show provocative behavior, which can be experienced as disturbing by some people. Their language, repeating certain words and being bemused are classical symptoms of autism.

The show called 'what would you do?' hides different cameras in a restaurant to see how other people react on different situations, situations like a boy with autism and his family.

I was really surprised by all the different reactions and it really inspired me. How would you react if you were one of the people sitting in the restaurant? Let me know by clicking on 'view comments' below.


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