An Elderly Couple Took The Same Picture Every Season, However The Last Picture Kept Me Speechless

Pictures are memorable objects, when looking back at them they instantly unleash many emotions, a picture says more than a thousand words!

It is very hard to explain the emotions you bear with a single picture, sometimes even impossible.

A single picture can represent a bundle of emotions at once, sometimes the easiest way to express yourself is simply by showing an image or picture.

This lovely couple have been happily ever married for many years, and they bear a tradition with them by taking the same picture every single season. However;the final picture of their photo book ended up in being something very sad.

They would stand in the same position through good and bad weather, in front of their house. By observing the pictures thoroughly, you are easily able to see the unconditional love that those two shared among each other.

These pictures were represent their joy and happiness in life over the years, but the last picture put me into tears!

Couple 1 Couple 1

Couple 2 Couple 2

Couple 3 Couple 3

Couple 5 Couple 5

Couple 5 Couple 5

Couple 6 Couple 6

Couple 7 Couple 7

Learn MoreCouple 8 Learn MoreCouple 8

Couple 9 Couple 9

Couple 10 Couple 10

Couple 11 Couple 11

And Then this sad thing had to happen!

Couple 12 Couple 12

Love is eternal, and will last forever even after passing away. We kindly invite you to share this with your loved ones, showing them the true emotions of love.

Photos: Ken Griffiths


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