Blind Mom Takes An Echo, But Watch What The Nurse Does. Tears In My Eyes.

Although blind people can see little or nothing, they possess unique sensory experiences and impressions that allows to "see" things that other people missing.

When the four remaining senses are stronger, all the little things get bigger. This appearance is not as rare as it sounds. Blind artist John Bramblitt had in fact never seen his wife or son, but he was able to paint on their faces flawlessly by simply touching their faces! This is just one example, but the story of Tatiana, the mother from the video below, is perhaps even more special.


For a blind mother, the smell of the baby who picks her nose is even stronger and the tuft of the hair is even softer. In this video we meet Tatiana, a blind mother who is looking forward to the moment she can finally hold her son for the first time in her arms. Because she is blind, Tatiana is not able to see her baby grow in its uterus on the echo.

That's why Huggies decided to give her something special. Watch the dazzling moment and do not be afraid to share the moment as it has melt your heart.

When I saw what it was and how she reacted, I got tears in my eyes. The beauty of motherhood comes in different forms, and Tatiana's form is definitely something special.


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