This Lifeguard Did Not Know The Camera Was Still Running As He Pulled Off An Amazing Rescue

A disturbing event took place at the coast of Bondi Beach, Australia. A little girl went for a swim, but little did she know the jeopardy of the ocean.

Mean waves took the poor girl and in no time she was helpless. She tried to be seen by the people, but no one seemed to be aware of her near death situation. Not until lifeguard Terry came to the rescue. Terry grabbed his surfboard and did what a true hero does. He pulled the exhausted girl up on his surfboard safely. The following images are heartbreaking.


In an interview, Terry the lifeguard had to cover up his tears while he described this disturbing event. This experience did not only touch him on a professional level, but also had a major impact on his personal life. Terry had to go through the unimaginable pain of losing his baby while his wife went into labor. Their baby got stuck and died because of a lack of oxygen.

Their loss motivates Terry to be a lifeguard. He wants to make sure other parents will never have to go through such terrible pain.

The tears in Terry's eyes show how serious he is and makes us realize how grateful we all must be with people like Terry.

Watch the brave footage here and make sure you share it with your friends! Terry is a true hero.


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