Courageous Adventurer Dives With A 26 Feet Monstrous Anaconda

Swimming with snakes is not everyone's desire, in fact thinking about it already frightens me! However, there is one adventurer who loves exciting adventures and dares to confront a monster sized snake.

Snake Snake

Meet Franco Banfi, an adventurer from Switzerland and he loves to swim with this particularly large sized Anaconda. The Snake is merely 26 feet big (8 Meters) and i dare you to challenge him for a wrestling match!

These Anacondas hunt and feed on anything that comes close to the surface; such as birds, fish and even humans. They are known for their silent attacks, hiding under the surface coil making them invisible and unable to recognize always ready to attack their targets.

Franco Banfi was brave enough to get in close range with the monstrous animal, armed with nothing more than a camera.

Snake Snake

With full confidence Franco Banfi got very close to the snake, which was heating himself up on the warm riverbanks of the Brazilian waters.

He was able to get this close without any fear, since the beast already had devoured a Capybara Rodent and had a satisfied appetite; we all know Snakes don't participate in fine dining and just eat a single course.

Snake Snake

Banfi had the privilege to see many different female anacondas during his trip to the "Mato Grosso Do Sul" region, South America. It is a very touristic place for travelers to visit, as it is translated as the "Thick Forest Of The South", The name is self explanatory.

Scuba diver, Banfi added: ‘At the first moment it’s scary because you don’t know the animal and everybody says it’s dangerous.

‘But after a while you understand that nothing happens if you respect the snake.

‘I have never been so close to a snake like this before. But I think a small poisonous snake is more scary than a big one. At least you can see the anacondas clearly and know what they’re doing.’

Snake Snake

Are you an adventurer and would you be crazy enough to join Franco Banfi on this spectacular trip, I know i wouldn't!


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