Dad Throws Her Doll And Drives Away, But When He Looks In His Mirror My Heart Breaks

This story has a message we all should share. Only by touching people their heart we can really change things. And that is exactly what this video does.

At the beginning it looked like nothing was going to happen, but when I saw the end I had tears in my eyes and understood the heavy message.


When I just started watching I thought he was picking up his daughter from a previous relationship because thing didn't worked out with her new family. It felt strange to see how the father left his daughter in the woods. When I saw that it actually was a dog it still hurts and you can't miss the message behind the story.

Animals are living creatures with the right to be respected and loved. The are our friends and family. And even tough they can be clumsy sometimes they don't deserve to be abandoned just because you made a decision too fast.

But unfortunately a lot of these animals are abandoned and are looking to a future with a lot of pain. According to there are 2,7 million dogs and cats killed because there isn't enough room for them and there aren't enough people who want to adopt them.

I can't understand how people can abuse and abandon their pets. I really hope this video will contribute to a better world for our loyal hairy friends.


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