Her Husband Seems To Be Too Late For Their Daughter's Dance Show, But Then She Looks At The Stage. Amazing!

What happens when dad is too late for his daughter's dance-show? That's right, mom will get very angry! Well, it turns out this father was busy behind the curtains to give his wife the surprise of her life!

Daughter Lauren wanted to spend more time with her dad and he thought about it the same way. Spending more time with his daughter would be right.

They both realized that this would be the perfect moment to strengthen their relationship, so they decided to proceed this epic plan.


Lauren had a dance-show. She came to the idea to send her dad on stage so he could do a little dance in front of the audience. Besides that he would do the dance for one special person: the mother! With no dancing-experience or what so ever, he decided to work the plan. As shown in the video, he put in a lot of hours to perfect this dance-routine. All the efforts were worth it when you see mom's reaction!

She had NOT expected this at all! Watch the moment of realization in the video below and enjoy the heartwarming footage.

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