This Guy Gets Drunk Without Drinking Alcohol, Strangest Story Ever

You would think, that if you see somebody stumbling around that he is quite drunk. Well that doesn't always have to be the case; the American Nick Hess is always drunk while he hasn't  touched a drop of alcohol.


According to the latest news it all started 3 years ago. Nick drunk a glass of alcohol once in a while but was mostly a sporty guy. After suddenly he got a pain in his stomach, he started to feel he was drunk all the time.

Secret Addiction

"Suddenly he started acting strange and confused and his breath smelled like alcohol" Says his wife Karen. Is Nick a sneaky drunk then? Some Doctors think he is because they couldn't find anything that could explain his drunkenness.

secret addiction

But no I searched the whole house , every room for bottles. I hurt the most that i doubted of him. After living years together, we came to the conclusion that he has the auto-fermentatiesyndrome. Which means that his body uses the excess of yeast in his stomach to carbohydrates and sugars into alcohol.

Staying Sober

Now the 34-year-old Nick should be on a strict diet: he cannot eat bread, pasta or rice anymore because those foods break down into sugar.

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