Hands On: Does The Apple Watch Creates A Revolution?

Apple presented the Apple Watch last Tuesday night. The long waited for smartwatch has according to Apple an unique way of controlling the device, and would look better than other smartwatches. We tried the watch.

apple watch

The Apple Watch, and the what we expected to call the IWatch will be released the first quarter of 2015.


The design isn't what we expected, the Apple Watch is pretty big and doesn't look like a normal watch. The watch is made from aluminium, steel or 18k gold. In total there are 72 different colors, materials combined with bracelets.


The design remains the same which is pretty big. A nice add is the smaller format, the sizes aren't known yet but the hight will be 42 and 38 millimeters. This is good if you have a smaller arm.




Ios for the Apple Watch is completely redesigned. The home screen has small bubbles which can can set up how you want. The icons are extremely small and looks very chaotic. The positive thing is that you can setup your favorite apps on your home screen.

The navigation of the Apple Watch is very graphic and you can find almost nowhere text or letter which is much better than the android smartwatches, but you have to no which icon is which app.

design iwatch apple

When you look at functionality the Apple Watch is almost identically compared to the Android Wear. You can connect your Iphone to the watch to see notifications like appointments and new messages. Functions like sharing your heartbeat with your friends or drawing things doesn't look so good for now.


The most unique part of the Apple Watch is the wheel on the side of the watch, the wheel reacts very good to responses. Below the wheel there is a second button which give acces to contact to call or send a message, you can also call with your smartwatch.

apple i watch


The Apple Watch is very focused on measuring your health with apps that are able to do that. On top of that you are able to get rewards when you accomplish a goal. With LED sensors your heartbeat is measured on the back of the watch. With the current smartwatch we know that when you go for a run the measuring of your hearth beat doesn't work good anymore.


If Apple has an solution from that is still unknown.


The Apple Watch doesn't create the expectations Apple brought to the world. You're not going to use the wheel that much but works fine and the design is okay, but a revolution isn't created. The notifications on the watch are good and has a lot of potential. The price with $349 is quite expensive, and thats only the cheapest model.


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