Have You Ever Seen A Plane Crashing In Front Of You? I Never Did, And It's Pretty Shocking

This is footage of a TransAsia plane crash this morning ( or yesterday, depends on which timezone ) and might be experienced as very shocking.

This man drove in his car when his dashcam video was turned on. A plane from TransAsia crashed into a bridge then plunged into the river on the right side.

58 people were on the plane when TransAsia flight GE235 crashed into a river near the Chinese coast Xiamen. Fireman and police were quick at the scene to save as many as possible. There were 15 survivors, 25 confirmed dead including 2 people who were in a cab which was hit by the crashing plain so far.

They're still searching for survivors since there are still 18 persons missing.

A closer footage of this horrible accident

According to several mechanics the plane was less than a year old and was completely checked and safe. This already is the second TransAsia crash in less than a year, the last one was a few months ago due to bad weather conditions.


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