Having Small Breasts Is Scientifically Proven To Be Better

It has always been said that big boobs give you more self confidence; however it turns out to be the opposite. US scientists also state that girls with an unequal rack have a higher chance in getting physical problems. There is always an opportunity for them to change! 

A group of doctors at the Boston Children's Hospital looked at the influence of the cup size on the mental state of women between 12 and 21 years. Extremely large breasts do not seem to be good for the confidence. And not only that, a decent chest Party could also provide further antisocial behavior and eating disorders.

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According to the doctors, women with two totally different breasts have the possibility to have even more problems. This involves women whose breasts have more than one cup size of a difference. Doctors believe that surgery should be reimbursed in such cases.

Big, small, a bit different... What the hell does it matter! Everyone is unique in their own way!


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