He Had No Idea What Happened After A Wild Night, But What His Wife Did Is Really Incredible

This is the story about a man who had no idea what happened to him after a wild night. What his wife did is really incredible.

After a heavy Halloween party of his company, Jack wakes up with a hangover. Normally he doesn't drink, but the drinks from yesterday were very tempting. How he got home was a mystery and he begins to question himself whether he had done something he would regret.

The first thing he noticed when he opens his eyes, the aspirins and a glass of water next to him on the bedside table, accompanied by a red rose. Jack manages to gather the strength to sit up and notices that his clothing are neatly folded on the chair. The rest of the room and the house looks perfect. After taking the aspirin he works himself into the bathroom, where he broke startled by the sight of a huge black eye. When he finally recovered a little from the shock he notices that there's a note in the corner of the mirror. The text of the letter is written in red, surrounded with small hearts and a lipstick kiss from his wife.


"Honey, breakfast is ready on the stove. I left a little earlier to get the groceries for your favorite meal tonight. I love you, sweetheart! "- Jillian.

Completely confused Jack stumbles to the kitchen and sure enough, the breakfast is on the stove, there is fresh coffee in the pot and even the newspaper is there. Jack's son is also at the kitchen and Jack gathers the courage to ask him what happened when he came home yesterday.


replied his son,

"when you came home at 3am you were drunk and you had no idea what you were doing. In your attempt to reach your bed you've bumped the coffee table, which is broken into a thousand pieces. Then you found it necessary to throw up among the whole corridor and you got yourself that black eye when you ran into the door. "

At this point Jack is confused,

"But ... why is everything so neat and clean? I woke up next to a rose and there is breakfast waiting for me. "

His son laughs,

"Oh, that. Yes, Mom dragged you to the bedroom, but when she tried to undress you you said, 'No, leave me alone, I'm married! "

Broken coffetable: $190, -. Breakfast ready on the table: $4, -. Two aspirins: $0.30. The right thing to say at the right time ... priceless!


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