He Saved 669 Kids From The Gas Chambers, He Doesn't Know That They're All Next To Him

Meet the 105 years-old Nicholas Winton, a man who finally gets the recognition he deserves: The Order of the White Lion ( Řád Bílého lva ). This isn't just a prize, it is the highest recognition you can get in the cZECH REPUBLIC. Of course he didn't got it just like that, it's because he saved the lives of 669 children in WW2.

Winton traveled to Prague in 1938 to see how the refugees were. At the moment the nazi's entered the country he felt he had the duty to do something and to help all those people. After 3 weeks he started manipulating the paper work to confuse the Germans which resulted in saving 996 kids.

The impact his response had to those children are huge and you might want to get a tissue..

How they confronted the hero is so beautiful and I couldn't keep the tears out of my eyes, SO MUCH respect for this man, he is a real hero. I really think the world needs these kind of people and let's all share it ( if you agree of course ;) ).


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