Her Baby Is Sleeping, But Look What This Puppy Does ... Too Cute!

This is without any doubt the cutest video we've ever seen! I literally melted when I saw this baby took a nap... but next to her is the cute puppy wo can't, just like the baby keep her eyes open. Mama took the camera turned so that we didn't miss anything in this heartwarming moment.

As you can see the baby is sleeping, but that didn't stopped the puppy to keep an eye out! This puppy apparently cares about the baby and is doing everything to ensure she remain safe; she keeps watching over the baby.



But at some point, even the puppy couldn't keep her eyes open and she falls asleep. She even puts her headinto the neck of the baby to keep her warm! This video shows how dogs can understand emotions and how they are doing everything they can to protect young children in the house.

It seems that she is not comfortable in this position, but as long as the baby remains safe and warm, she finds everything okay. Watch the video below, you'll wouldn't regret it.

They look so cute together and form the perfect couple. If this put a smile on your face, do not forget to share wonderful moment friends and family!


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