Her Fetal Ultrasound Was At First Sight Normal. But Then They Saw Something That Left Everybody Speechless

Going to the doctor to check out if your not yet born baby is healthy is always very exiting but also very impressing.

A fetal ultrasound gives a great image of how your baby will look, if it's healthy and of course if it's a boy or a girl. This happy couple went to the gynaecologist to check out their fetal ultrasound. They were so curious and looked with shiny eyes at the ultrasound screen with the hope to experience something beautiful. And yes, they did!


After their routine they found something remarkable; they saw their unborn child playing in utero. Apparently it isn't a very strange thing that babies already start playing while they're in utero, but seeing this live on a screen is something very special.

It's also very common that babies suck their thumb, dreaming and even sneeze once in a while in utero.


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