''Dont You Die On Me!'' The Mic Of This Cop Recorded The Rescue, What A Hero

Eric Devers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol was the first to come to the rescue when driver John got into a horrific car-accident. Eric now is a true hero. He had the quick instinctive reaction to save John's life. Because his microphone was still on, you can hear what happened along with the footage.


Due to his quick reaction, John survived the accident. In Eric's voice you can hear the determination to keep John alive. You hear the emotion of a life or death situation.

''Don't you die on me!'' were Eric's words.

This is a very impressive video. It is also heartbreaking, because John nearly escapes death.

Luckily, thanks to Eric Devers, this story has a positive ending.

Share if you care about people like Mr. Devers. We need more cops like him to keep citizens alive!



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