His Parents Left Him When They Saw How He Looks, But Now He Has A Great Story

Meet Jono Lancaster, born with the Treacher Collin syndrome, a very creepy disease. It's is a rare autosomal dominant congenital disorder characterized by craniofacial deformities, such as absent cheekbones.

Because of this disease people with the Treacher Collin syndrome are looking different than other people, the syndrome is also very rare.


Jono entered the world with this condition and when his parents saw his condition they left him. This caused very serious emotional damage and made him depressive when he was a kid. But now a days he is an inspiration to many people. Jono says that God sent him to our world to fulfill this task. He now has a loving family who are really taking care of him.

What a hero, first he was abandoned but now he accepts everything and also inspires other people.


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