How This Artist Is Able To Express Herself Is Absolutely Amazing

Art is unique, it visualized a sense of emotion drawn out as a story. It is a motion of self expression, seen different through everybody's eyes.

Heather Hansen Heather Hansen

Meet Heath Hansen, a stunning artists from New Orleans. She specializes in a type of art you usually don't see; as she bends and twists herself over a canvas, executing a drawing dance while holding two pieces of charcoal in her hands.

Heather Hansen Heather Hansen

She uses symmetrical movements, in order to create a perfect diagram of her personal feelings onto the canvas. Witness it for yourself, as Heath Hansen performs her unique skill live on video.

Heather Hansen Heather Hansen

It is very interesting seeing the creativity within artists in general, if you enjoy her artwork do not hesitate to vist her website for more pieces at

What do you think, amazing right?


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