It Looks Like A Normal Family Picture, But This Picture Saved A Little Boys Life

If you look at this picture you see just a family picture, nothing strange about it right?

But when you look closer to the little boy's eye you will notice something different. The sister of the little boy called Taylor noticed something strange about his pupil, it was completely white. When his sister told this to their parents they didn't trust it and went to the hospital.

When the doctors did a medical inspection it turned out that he had retinoblastoma, a very rare form of cancer. At the time the cancer already created a large tumor in his right eye and 3 smaller tumors in his left eye. They were able to save his left eye but his right eye was damaged too much which made him blind on the right side.


After 4 months of chemotherapy Taylor was healthy again and now finally lives a normal life.


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Taylors picture is now being used for campaigns against retinoblastoma.


In this campaign they will ask to use your phone's flashlight to see if your pupil becomes white.

This story is perhaps a bit sad but also very beautiful, don't be afraid to share this video with your friends to warn everybody about this horrible decease.


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