Jackie Chan’s Son Goes To Chinese Jail For 6 Months Just For Smoking Pot

Who would have thought that the son of the famous Jackie Chan would end up in jail.

The kung-fu master's son, jaycee, was pleaded guilty for the possession of marijuana and was sentenced to a 6 months prison time. Can you imagine how humiliated Jackie must be, as he is an anti-narcotics ambassador.

According to the Xinhua News, Jaycee who is 32 years old was sentenced to jail for marijuana use and was charged a fine accordingly. He was arrested in August together with his Taiwanese companion Ko Chen-tung, for the illegal possession and usage of drugs.

Ironically, Jackie Chan is deeply ashamed of his sons actions as he was nominated as an anti-narcotics spokesman by the police of China.

Lets hope Jackie taught his son some decent martial arts, as he might need it in the prisons of China.

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