Men File: 11 Unexpected Things That Man Find Fantastic About Women

Men won't admit that fast when they find something wildly attractive to a women. Because men and talking, for some it remains a whole art by itself. Fortunately we found valuable inside information. Men perhaps have hidden a romantic bone somewhere..

1. A girls smell

No. We're not talking about that cucumber/Apple/mandarinflavoured bodywash, but about that fragrance you still smell like after two nights of sleep. Your own girls smell.

2. Wet hair

You girls maybe hate it, but for us men it's sexy as hell.

3. When you wear our t-shirt/shirt/hoodie as a dress


4. Freckles

Stop hiding them under a layer of foundation and complaining that you get more during the summer. They are fantastic, just like you.

5. When you let us work for it

A woman who's always available is pretty great of course, but at one point it is almost a matter of course. But why? We should be happy that we've conquered you. Let us work a bit, we will always be predators.

6. Small pieces of nude

Of course, we men want to eat ourselves when you're skipping by in your bikini, but the small bits can also be very exciting. A nude clavicle? Sigh..

7. When you breath in our neck

Just like you we get goosebumps everywhere, from tip to toe.

8. Hugging

Yes, we really love a cuddle. We don't love it more than sex, but we do love it.

9. What you do with your beds

We do not know, but it is fantastic. You guys are transforming it into some kind of huge marshmallow from where we can sleep and having sex. Really fantastic.

10. When you giggle

When we men laugh it sounds like a group of hyenas who escaped from a zoo. When you laugh it sounds like the summer, butterflies that flutter and singing birds, or something like that.

11. When you check us out

Unfortunately it does not happen often enough, but we love it when women look at us as if they want to pounce us. Don't keep it for yourself, please.

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