Suddenly A Mysterious Lake Appeared In The Desert Of Tunisia

It seems that in the Tunisian desert a mysterious lake appeared out of nowhere. Some speak of a miracle, others call it a curse reports journalist Lakhdar Souid to France 24. The news went viral and hundreds of people searched for coolness in the clear turquoise water.

The lake was discovered a few weeks ago by shepherds and was christened to the "Lake Gafsa ', named after the town in the south of Tunisia. The lake with an area of ​​one hectare is approximately 18 feet deep. Geologists suspect that the groundwater in the area became a result of a small earthquake. Authorities warn of the potential dangers of the lake.

The presence of phosphate, which can dump radioactive waste. There is a chance that the water is carcinogenic reports Daily Tunisia. The water also would be full of algae.


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