He Took A Nap Under A Tree. What Happened Next? Too Sweet!

As a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Afrika, Dolph C. Volker had the opportunity to bound with two gigantic cats on the holy grounds of this area. As time passed on he slowly won their trust and experienced how cute cheetah's can really be.

When this beautiful cheetah, called Eden, sees Volker taking a nap under his favorite tree, she always finds her way to cuddle with him and...to give him kisses!!!


These sweet little licks obviously show that this is pure love.


Volker does have to pay attention to the fact that her kisses could turn into little love-bites. This lovely cheetah can easily bite his ear off without noticing she is hurting him. Watch the video below to see how this amazing interaction takes place! Don't forget to share it if you love this human-animal bounding.


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