Oops: A Student Gets 51 Presents From Amazon

Christmas was very early this year for Robert Quinn. Amazon delivered by mistake a lot of presents to the British student including a tablet, TV, laptop and a lot more! The price of all these presents was more than $6000.



Because of a technical error in the computer system Amazon sent a load of presents to the student in Bromley, London. About a week ago the student was getting systematically presents by mail and it still didn't stop. Apparently the bug isn't fixed yet because he is still getting presents at this moment, this time it was a computer processor.

TV and bed

Besides all that he received a 3D Television, tablet, bookcase, pram, portable heater, gaming console, ironing board, shaver, wine cooler, cd's and dvd's. Each package contained a sticker with: "Return".

All the packages where returned packages by costumers which should have been sent to Amazon but instead of that Robert received them. Quinn contacted Amazon and Amazon admitted the mistake and het was allowed to keep all the stuff.

Quinn is thinking about giving all the presents to his family for christmas.


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