Father And Daughter Went Parasailing But You Won't Believe What They Captured

What for this father and his daughter began as a relaxed parasailing adventure ended up in something they will not forget! While they were parasailing at a great height they saw a lot of "black spots" just below the surface of the water. The guide of the boat also noticed something and took the two down as soon as possible. While they continued to go down, it became clear that the "little dots" were actually a large group of huge stingrays!


They were probably witnessing the migration of a group of stingrays that migrate twice a year by the Gulf of Mexico to eat and mate. Each stingray can be up to 180 centimeters wide and they can be in a group of more that 10.000 stingrays! Watch the fascinating video and do not forget to share it on Facebook if you are impressed!

Although stingrays are toxic to humans, they only attack if they feel threatened, for example, if you accidentally stand on a stingray hole.


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