This Dog Was Bleeding When They Found Her, But She Was Not Alone...

The amazing people of Animal Aid Unlimited received a phone call about an abandoned dog that was bleeding heavily because of a wound in her leg. What made the story even more terrible, was the fact that the dog was living on a bunch of litter and glass. Knowing she needed medical help quickly, they rushed to this little doggy, but she was not alone...


The dog needed two weeks to recover completely, but sadly enough they couldn't keep her babies. There simply was no capacity for them since they already house a lot of blind and disabled dogs. They did everything they could to help these sweet animals in these horrible conditions.

You can find more information about Animal Aid on their Facebook page and you can also give your donations to them, so they can carry on saving lives of innocent animals. Don't forget to share this beautiful video to give Animal Aid even more credit. They deserve it!


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