You Will Not Believe What Happened When She Brought A News-Crew To A Dog Dumping Ground

Marina Tarashevska, Dallas, TX, is doing anything in her power to stop humans from ditching their pets. She took the Dallas Morning News crew to a spot where pets are constantly left for trash. She did this to show the city how heartbreaking the situation really is, so hopefully a change could be made.

Unfortunately in this video we get to see dogs Marina was not able to find in time. This shows us the reality and we shouldn't run from it. But then she heard a noise coming from the woods that made her safe an abandoned doggy! This dog got a second chance, thanks to Marina!

This is a very sad situation, but by saving the dog it showed us that there is still hope. With more people like Marina Tarashevska, maybe one day people would be more respectful towards the animals.


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