Scary Mind-Blowing New Fish Discovered In The Deep Seas Of California

A new type of fish is discovered in the deep seas of California. This is the first time divers were able to capture the fish on tape, and its images are very frightening.

The Fish is has razor sharp teeth and is able to devour flesh in a split second, it has eyes that would haunt you in your nightmares. The fish is called the Black Sea Devil, and it roams through the wild seas in the outer coast of California. We don’t know if this monstrous fish really exists, but it’s up you to judge these pictures. The first discovery was made at the Moneterey Canyon, where divers claimed to be in close contact with the Black Sea Devil for the first time.

A Close up of the Sea Devil

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museumvictoria museumvictoria

The Side

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From A Different Angle Using Special Lighting

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Total Body Shot

utahpeoplespost utahpeoplespost

Real Life Video Footage of the Sea Devil

I will be too afraid to dive in California again! What would you do if you would be eye to eye with the Sea Devil? Share this mysterious story with your friends so we can find out if this is real or not by clicking the Facebook button below.


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