Selling A House? Just Build A Rollercoaster Literally Through Your Home

Visiting a house you maybe want to buy usually goes very relaxing together with a broker. That's not the case of the house in the Dutch city called Ermelo, there you will literally step into a rollercoaster to see every room of the house.

The publicity agency Wefilm wants to kill the recession by giving a great twist to the house market, they built a complete rollercoaster through the house in Ermelo.

There is no lack of attention says the creator of the video. The rollercoaster attracted a lot of vistors last week but not so much since the youtube video was published online a few days ago. "The video was online for just a day and already had 1.5 million views", says Bas Welling from Wefilm. "Now we just hope that there is a potential buyer between all that views".

The video is a part of project called Housepromotion which gives every house a special way of attention every day. Who also wanted to give this rollercoaster a spin is unfortunately too late since the rollercoaster was removed recently. A relaxing walk with the broker through the house is still possible because the house is still for sale.


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