She Gave Birth To A Boy, But When The Camera Zoomed Out I Could Hardly Believe It.

The fairly new virtual reality glasses are hitherto seen as a perk for avid gamers. But did you know that you can do so much more with it? This is the living proof: thanks to Samsung Gear VR an Australian man could experience the birth of his son like he was actually in the room. Jason Larke, the woman's husband had to work for a month in Chinchilla, Queensland. Therefore he couldn't experience the birth of his third child... until Samsung called for an experiment. Jason saw the call and did not hesitate.



The company then gave him the opportunity to be present in the redemption room with his wife by using the virtual reality glasses. He was fitted with a Gear VR headset, which he connected to a live stream so he could look into the room where his wife was. He still felt he was present at the birth of his wonderful third child. His wife wore an earpiece so she could hear every word he said. "It seemed a bit like The Matrix," says Jason. Watch the wonderful movie.

We congratulate this couple with their third child!


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