The 7 Most Unbelievable Lawsuits In History, U Won’t Believe #4

1.) Customer sues McDonalds

A Californian man sued McDonalds for just giving one napkin instead of more. The person claimed to be a very clean man and after just receiving one napkin he had to clean his hands with his shirt. His argument was that the manager didn’t gave him two napkins because he was black. All McDonald's offered him was some free burgers to make up for his unsavory encounter, but that wasn't enough for him. He sued Macdonalds for the crazy amount of 1.5 million dollars.

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2.) Batman sues Batman

Everybody knows the superhero Batman and the great movies, but less well known is the Turkish city Batman in the Batman province. The city sued the makers of the film for using their city’s name without asking any permission. Ironically the major of the town used the phrase ‘There can only be one Batman in this world’ to put his words in to force.

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3.) Homeless man sues his parents

A homeless man named Bernard Bey started a lawsuit against his parents because he claimed that they are the reason that he became homeless. He was asking them around $200.000 for emotional damages because they were not lovely to him in his younger years.

He also gave them another option: if they would sit down with him and have a nice talk and meal he would drop the lawsuit. The last thing happened and they got a happily ever after.

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4.) Man sues his wife’s cat

In 2011 the courageous man William Baxter was taking care over the cat from a friend of his. Everything went well until the cat bit his finger. William saw one option: sue the owner of the cat.

He demanded $50,000 for scratches on his arm, and then another $50,000 for the bite to his finger. He didn’t get the money and lost a good friendship. Too bad mister Baxter.

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5.) Porn addict sues Apple

Blame it on the technology.. A man from Tennessee claimed that Apple was the reason for the big problems he had. The man held Apple responsible for becoming a porn addict by not blocking the porn sites and claimed that he had no choice but to watch porn every day. The man lost his wife, children and job. Apple wisely never responded and let the judge take a hard decision.

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6. ) Man sues Kansas City mascot

John Coomer was watching his favorite baseball team when a hot-dog crashed right into his eye. It was not only just a hot-dog, there also flew a lot of mustard into his eye. Blinded by a hot-dog the fan sued the team and the mascot. The team replied by the argument that this is one of the risks at a baseball game. The judge took care of the case and said these words, and this is no joke : ‘’the risk of being hit in the face by a hot dog is not a well-known incidental risk of attending a baseball game”.

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7. ) Kidnapper sues victims

25-year old Jessie Dimmick who hostages a couple for a few months when the lovers escaped from the place they were held. Instead of hiding for the police Jessie sued the couple for escaping. He claimed that he had an oral agreement that the two would never escape, a law that they broke in his eyes. I bet that you already know what the judges answer was…

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