The Most Extreme Animal Attacks You Will Ever See

We all like a good fight, but there is no one who can exceed the fascinating behavior of the wildlife.

These pictures illustrate the amazing animals that ready for action and are just about to enter battle; the pictures are truly perfectly timed. We have no idea what goes through their minds, standing eye to eye with their enemy.

1.) Come at me bro

nadlanu nadlanu

2.) Once upon a time in the wild wild west…

blognews blognews

3.) You didn’t see me coming did you

ytimg ytimg

4.) Never cheat on someone

blognews blognews

5.) This is just too cute

sinaimg sinaimg

6.) Who is the true Lion King?

blognews blognews


bp bp

8.) Love makes you do wild things

sinaimg sinaimg

9.) The moment you realize you are sick and tired of being a cat

bp bp

10.) Something isn’t right in this picture, but I am not able to figure out what

uproxx uproxx

11.) Do you think you have more Horse Power than me?

sinaimg sinaimg

12.) Ultimate cat fight

imperiumtapet imperiumtapet

All of these pictures represent the lust to be wild and free. We as humans fight and bicker about many things, and sometimes we even take it to a physical level. So it’s not that weird that our links in the animal world react exactly the same, but maybe a bit more extreme than us.

Are we actually that different then the wild animals, what is your opinion?


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