The New Generations Totally Freak Me Out...

The majority of people like to spice up their intimate relationship with their inner body and the new era of glitter has arrived, being welcomed at the entrance of the toilet seat.

freshpost freshpost

A new product entered the market, and is proudly presented as Pooping Glitter Pills. Shops now a day’s sell non toxic pills, which are filled with glitter. Recent consumers have been very satisfied, since their time on the toilet turned into a party itself.

craftychica craftychica

A new trend has been started known as “Glitter Sh*tting”, it is mostly famous amongst the younger generation (The Glitter Sh*tters), but the elderly are also in need for a party and enjoy spicing up their life by using these pills.

A Recent Posted Picture By One Of The Glitter Sh*tters, Isn’t It Amazing

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The Glitter pills are available in different colors, being able to choose between Blue, Green, pink and even gold.

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What are you waiting for, start decorating your toilet right away.

P.S. don’t blame it on us if something might go wrong.


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