The True Power Of Meat Seduces Vegetarians And Vegans To Re-Convert

Most of us know how a nice juicy steak tastes like, or the deliciousness of a freshly caught fish; by most of us I also mean vegetarians and vegans. Most of the people who convert themselves to a different eating pattern, which does not include any meat or fish, are sometimes re-thinking their decision after missing the fat and juiciness of a nice steak. Well who blames them!

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There has been a study going on for a long period of time regarding the American Dietary habits, the results were very surprising. It has been said that 84% of the vegetarians and vegans cant resist their lust for their previous carnivorous diets, meaning only 1/5 of the veggies actually stays loyal to their diets.

During the studies over 11.000 people were interviewed, which provided us with some fun facts about the dietary habits within the U.S.A.

1.) Spies

Within the total population of the U.S.A, only 2% are considered being vegetarian or vegan. Moreover; 10% were former veggies, and the remaining 88% have always enjoyed a juicy chunky steak.

2.) Try-Hards

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If we take a closer look at the 10% former veggies, it became evident that more then 50% actually bailed on their diets within their first years, and 33% went back to devouring meat within a short period of 3 months only.

3.) Seduction

A portion of the former veggies was living in a non-vegetarian environment, where their surroundings were full of meat seductions. I can imagine it is very hard to maintain a strict diet when you are living with people who devour meat on a daily basis.

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So what are the reason people actually decide to re-convert to a meat/fish diet?

Well the answer is simple; by converting to a new diet you are a small portion of the community as a vegetarian or vegan. It can be sometimes hard being an individual within this world, and especially if you do not have supportive interaction with fellow vegans or vegetarian you will not feel united with the community.

There is a saying about relationships; “The way you get to meet your partner, he/she will meet someone else”. This also counts for the former vegetarians, about 1/3 of the former veggies and vegans said they gave up meat or animal products almost immediately after deciding they were going to do so, meaning they were capable of quitting their new lifestyle just as fast as they started.

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If so many people decide to step back from what they initially started, there must be a better approach.

I think its important to maintain our values, and not quit immediately if something happens or changes. We should all step away from the “All Or Nothing” strategy, and start eating what makes you feel awesome!


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